IA03: Pitch Feedback and Voting

Due: Friday, February 7th, 11:59PM
[Everything should be ready for you to complete the assignment. Your pitch assignments are here.]

Assignment Overview

This assignment has three parts:
  1. Read through your assigned project pitches. We randomly selected which titles you were assigned. Each student must review two project pitches.
  2. Review your assigned project pitches using the Google Doc evaluation form that we created.
  3. Read through as many other project pitches as you would like and then rank your top three favorites.

Please read the pitches carefully. Your votes matter. You will be working on one of the following projects throughout the rest of the semester.

1. Project Pitches

Meethu and I pre-screened the following project pitches based on the same evaluation metrics that you will use in your own reviews: feasibility, originality, coolness factor, and overall quality. These project pitches are in alphabetical order based on title. You can view your assigned review assignments on the assignment sheet.

1. A Mobile Diner Menu
2. A Priority Based Visualization of Conflict Management
3. App to Manage Collectible Card Game Trades
4. Be Knowledgeable
5. Correctly Project Statistics for Professional Athletes
6. Efficiently Serve Customers
7. Group Management of Personal Budgets
8. Improving Project Management through Gamification
9. Interactive Tour Application
10. League of Legends LCS Fantasy eSports
11. Physical Time Tracking
12. Post and Track Resumes on the Fly
13. Quest Complete: Making Homework a Game
14. Rowing Coach Assistant
15. Simplified University Degree Navigator Page
16. Student Rated UMD Tutoring App
17. Terp Commuter:Connecting Terps for Rides:
18. UMD Dining - Order Take Out App
19. University of Maryland ERC Gym
20. Where is my classroom

2. Project Pitch Evaluation Form
For each of your assigned project pitches, you must fill out this evaluation form (evaluation form #1). This means that you will fill out the form at least twice. Be sure you click Submit at the end of the form. Note: you can also fill out additional review forms for as many project pitches as you would like but you must complete your assigned reviews.

3. Rank Your Top Three Favorite Project Pitches

Finally, read/skim other project pitches and rank your top three pitches (or more) by filling out this other evaluation form (evaluation form #2). This ranking will be used to coordinate group forming. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed into a group that you ranked within your top three but we will try our best. Since there are two ways that you can rank your preferences, we will take both into account. We will take into account various factors in forming teams, including requests for specific teammates, and will try to create multi-talented teams that seem to match with individual interests.