Comprehensive Peer Review | Due May 6

Each team has a separate peer review form. You evaluate yourself and your teammates for the entire project. There is an optional page where you can give me feedback about the class. Or you can do it on this anonymous form (you don't have to enter your name).

Please find your team in the list below and fill out the form by the end of the day Tuesday May 6. I appreciate your thoughtful evaluation of your team's dynamics. Completed peer review forms are worth 25 points (no points for the class feedback, but I really appreciate it).

A Mobile Diner Menu, by The A Team
- Alex V., Allie A., Arjun C., Alex W.

App to Manage Collectible Card Game Trades, by Team X
- Robert B., Nelson C., Michael W., Victor B.

Commute - UM, by The Commuters
- Kevin L., Lewis B., Leon T., Alex G.

Fresh Stats, by Team X
- David W., Sam W., Kevin M., Ben S.

Improving Project Management through Gamification, by Team Gamigotchi
- Robert B., Catherine J., Chris S., Christi C.

League of Legends, by Team LoLS
- Jack C., John B., Richard L., Philip P.

Order Up!, by MAGG Development Group
- Gilad K., Alex S., Matt H., Greg C.

Quest Complete: Making Homework a Game, by Team X
- Bryan T., Luke U., Vinnie V., Pascal B.

UMDGPS: UMD Graduation Progress System, by Team Aquila
- Anthony M., Johnny M., Anthony F., Andrew D.

Oarcall Rowing Coach Assistant, by Team <X>
- Graham W., Mario F., Theo L., Michael A.