A Mobile Diner Menu, by The A Team *
- Alex V., Allie A., Arjun C., Alex W.

App to Manage Collectible Card Game Trades, by Team TopDeck *
- Robert B., Nelson C., Michael W., Victor B.

Commute - UM, by The Commuters *
- Kevin L., Lewis B., Leon T., Alex G.

Fresh Stats, by Team X
- David W., Sam W., Kevin M., Ben S.

Improving Project Management through Gamification, by Team Gamigotchi *
- Robert B., Catherine J., Chris S., Christi C.

League of Legends, by Team LoLS *
- Jack C., John B., Richard L., Philip P.

Order Up!, by MAGG Development Group
- Gilad K., Alex S., Matt H., Greg C.

Quest Complete: Making Homework a Game, by Team X
- Bryan T., Luke U., Vinnie V., Pascal B.

UMDGPS: UMD Graduation Progress System, by Team Aquila
- Anthony M., Johnny M., Anthony F., Andrew D.

Oarcall Rowing Coach Assistant, by Team <X>
- Graham W., Mario F., Theo L., Michael A.


All the final videos of team projects that were posted on YouTube (marked with * above) can be seen at