Create Wiki Page
Due: Tuesday, Feb. 18 at class time

In your first team assignment, you must:
  1. Come up with a name for your team. This name can have an association to your project or be completely independent. I will change the current temporary team names to your chose name, so it should be reasonably short.

  2. Create a Wiki page for your project. Hopefully, I have created teams in the wiki and if you have become a member of the wiki you should be assigned to the right team and have edit access for your pages (we may still have some kinks to work out).

    1. Restate your project title in "Heading 1" Format. Directly underneath the title in "Normal" format put "by Team X" where 'X' is your newly christened team name. (If you want to modify the title from what was in the Pitch Vote, go ahead.)

    2. Underneath your project title, make the following headers (also "Heading 1" format): Project Members, Project Description, Deliverables.

    3. Under Project Members list your names (you can use first name and last initial if you'd like).

    4. Under Project Description, write a brief description of your project. This can be no longer than 5 sentences. Don't worry--we can change this as the semester progresses. For now, we won't have any deliverables, but will be adding some soon.

  1. Bonus points for prettifying the Wiki page (to the extent that you can). Note: later in the semester, you will make an actual project webpage, which may or may not be in the wiki. The wiki is simply a nice, central location for us to organize all project related content.

Links to the team pages:
1. A Mobile Diner Menu
3. App to Manage Collectible Card Game Trades
5. Correctly Project Statistics for Professional Athletes
6. Efficiently Serve Customers
8. Improving Project Management through Gamification
10. League of Legends Pick 'Em League
13. Quest Complete: Making Homework a Game
14. Rowing Coach Assistant
15. Simplified University Degree Navigator Page
17. Terp Commuter:Connecting Terps for Rides